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The author is an Israelite who spent herchildhood in China. After she
divorced, she decided to take her two sons and one daughter to Israel to
find the Israelite secrets of educating children because she didn’t want
to be a failed mother. Nowadays, she has realized her dream and become a
successful mother. Her sons have both achieved their goalsand became
millionaires and her daughter is on the way to become a diplomat. In
this book, the author compares Israelite family education with Chinese
and illuminate the Israelite methods of teaching in detail.

Salad days

Part1: Chinese parents wrong thoughts about education

China’s yuppies want schools to be more laid-back

Try a Waldorf

Oct 12th 2017 | CHENGDU

salad days: old-fashioned the time of your life when you are
young and not very experienced
yuppie: A yuppie is a young person who has a well-paid job and
likes to show that they have a lot of money by buying expensive things
and living in an expensive way.
laid-back: informal calm and relaxed; seeming not to worry about
= easy-going
e.g. a laid-back attitude to life

  1. WITH a postgraduate degree in literature, Ruby Li has ridden
    China’s education system almost to the top. Now a mother-of-two
    living in Chengdu, a city in the south-west, she hopes to spare
    her children the high pressure and long hours of homework that she
    endured at their age. Some years ago Ms Li and her husband, a
    businessman, moved their elder son from a conventional kindergarten
    to another one that uses less formal and rigid methods of teaching.
    She says that since then he has been happier and healthier, and
    their home life more harmonious, too.

spare: If you spare someone an unpleasant experience, you prevent
them from suffering it.
e.g. The policy has not spared the farming community from severe
financial pressure.这项政策并没有使农村社会逃脱沉重的经济压力。

  1. 有着文学硕士学位的鲁比李几乎登上了中国的教育系统的顶端。现在她住在(中国)西南的成都市,
    从那时起, 他变得更快乐、更健康, 他们的家庭生活也更加和谐。

  2. Ms Li is among the well-heeled parents who send their children
    to Chengdu Waldorf School, a fee-paying institution inspired by the
    quirky philosophies of Rudolf Steiner, an early-20th-century
    Austrian educationalist. The school (pictured) aims to teach in
    creative ways, says Zhang Li, one of its founders. That means plenty
    of music, storytelling and play. The campus is scruffy but
    cheerful, boasting an ink-stained calligraphy studio and a wall
    daubed with stone-age cave paintings (the result of a class art
    project). At going-home-time three small children clamber around
    in the branches of a tree.

well-heeled: informal rich
boast: If someone or something can boast a particular achievement
or possession, they have achieved or possess that

  • e.g. The houses will boast the latest energy-saving
    e.g. Frommen says his country boasts a healthy
  1. 李女士是把孩子送到成都华德福学校那些有钱的父母之一,
    (图) 的目的是以创造性的方式授课,

  2. The stellar performance of children in China’s richest cities in
    international tests of ability in maths, science and reading has
    lent the country’s education system a glossy sheen abroad.
    But feelings are mixed in China, where parents fret that state
    schools are too competitive, that the exam culture is too stressful
    and that curriculums favour cramming over creativity. One result
    of this is a steady leak of pupils out of the state sector and into
    private schools that drill for entry into foreign universities.
    Another trend is the rise of schools that use less structured
    approaches to teaching than commonly found in mainstream ones. Sun
    Yifan, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, says such
    progressive schools are burgeoning “like bamboo shoots in

stellar: especially AmE extremely good
e.g. the company’s stellar growth
注:走红可以说go stellar(英国英语常见),比如:if a pop band,
actor etc goes stellar, they become very popular and famous
lend: If something lends a particular quality to something else,
it adds that quality to it. 平添;增添;赋予
drill: to teach sb to do sth by making them repeat it a lot of
e.g. The children were drilled to leave the classroom quickly when
the fire bell rang.

burgeon: If something burgeons, it grows or develops rapidly.
e.g. My confidence began to burgeon later in

  1. 中国最富裕城市的儿童在数学、科学和阅读能力的国际测试中的出色表现在海外赋予了该国教育体系虚有其表的光辉。但是,
    父母们都在担心公立学校的竞争太激烈, 考试文化的压力太大,
    这些进步的学校正在蓬勃发展, “就像春天的竹笋”。

  2. Waldorf schools are one example. The one in Chengdu opened in 2004,
    the first in China to use that name. It teaches about 500 pupils
    from kindergarten through to senior high (between the ages of three
    and 18). Another 70 or so Waldorfs are sprinkled across China’s
    other big cities. Their free-spirited style of teaching is similar
    to that of Montessori schools (of which China now has at least 900
    at the kindergarten level, and perhaps many more). It is unlikely
    that many Waldorf parents fully understand Steiner’s theories about
    “spiritual science”, let alone his mystical approach to agriculture.
    But Ms Sun says they hear echoes in them of traditional Chinese
    philosophy, to which some people in China are far better

sprinkle: If something is sprinkled with particular things, it has
a few of them throughout it and they are far apart from each other.
e.g. Unfortunately, the text is sprinkled with

echo: A detail or feature which reminds you of something else can
be referred to as an echo .相似之处;再现
e.g. The accident has echoes of past

attuned: If you are attuned to something, you can understand and
appreciate it.

  1. 华德福学校就是一个例子。该校于2004年在成都开业,
    (中国目前在幼儿园阶段的至少有 900所,

  2. Another fad is for education that is directly inspired by
    ancient Chinese culture, often delivered by small schools in the
    countryside that offer instruction in subjects such as archery,
    traditional medicine and Confucianism. Some have only a handful of
    full-time students, but also run popular workshops and summer
    schools. (Not all their patrons want touchy-feely education:
    at the far fringes of this movement are schools that require
    students to do little besides memorising classical literary and
    philosophical texts, as their ancestors might once have done.)

touchy-feely: If you describe something as touchy-feely, you mean
that it involves people expressing emotions such as love and affection
openly in a way which you find embarrassing and silly.
e.g. …a touchy-feely song about making your life worth

fringes: The fringe or the fringes of an activity or organization
are its less important, least typical, or most extreme parts, rather
than its main and central part.
e.g. The party remained on the fringe of the political scene until
last year.直到去年为止这个政党一直处在政治舞台的外围。

  1. 另一个潮流是受中国古代文化直接启发的教育,

  2. A few parents who want to free their children from the state
    system’s stifling constraints, but who can find no handy
    alternative, are trying home schooling instead. A survey published
    this year by the 21st Century Education Research Institute, a
    think-tank in China, found only about 6,000 families educating their
    children exclusively at home—still a tiny number, but one that is
    rising by around one-third each year, the institute reckons.

  3. 一些父母想从国家系统令人窒息的限制中解放孩子,
    却找不到现成的替代品, 他们正在尝试家庭教育。今年21世纪教育研究所
    (中国的一家智库) 发表的一项调查发现,

Rules bent and broken

  1. The national curriculum, which is compulsory for children in the
    first nine years of school (ie, aged between six and 15), allows
    some room for experimentation. Primary schools can usually find time
    to supplement mandatory material with some of their own choosing,
    says Jiang Xueqin, a researcher and consultant. Motivated teachers
    can deliver the obligatory stuff in unconventional ways. But some of
    the progressive schools pay only lip service to the state’s
    curriculum. Some of them obtain government approval to operate as
    schools. But others affiliate themselves with licensed schools
    to avoid the tricky process of having to get their own permits. Many
    smaller institutions get by without official blessing.

If you say that someone pays lip service to an idea, you are
critical of them because they say they are in favour of it, but they
do not do anything to support it.
e.g. Unhappily, he had done no more than pay lip service to their

If you can get by with what you have, you can manage to live or do
things in a satisfactory way.
e.g. Melville managed to get by on a small amount of

blessing: If something is done with someone’s blessing, it is done
with their approval and support.

7)在学校的前九年 (即年龄介于6岁和15岁之间)

  1. Better-off parents appear unfazed by the lack of proper
    paperwork for some progressive schools (the Waldorf in Chengdu has
    licences for its nursery and primary schools, but the authorities
    want it to find a bigger campus before they will issue a permit for
    its secondary school). However, some worry about the later years of
    their children’s schooling. Parents who want their offspring to
    study abroad can safely keep them in progressive schools. Those who
    want them to cram for the national entrance exam for
    universities in China, or gaokao, often choose to move them back
    into conventional schools for that period of study. Few parents want
    to take risks with a potentially life-changing test.

Better-off: having more money and possessions
unfazed: not worried or surprised by sth unexpected that happens
e.g. The Prime Minister appeared to be totally unfazed by the

  1. 更富有的家长似乎并不担心一些进步学校缺乏适当的书面文件

  1. The government itself sees benefit in having well-educated
    youngsters who are self-starting and creative—the kind of people
    needed to build a more innovative economy. In the early 2000s it
    began encouraging schools to make lessons more lively and textbooks
    more varied. Yet the gaokao system continues to give schools a
    strong incentive to stuff their students with stodgy facts.
    Parents deplore the pressure that the gaokao imposes. But they
    also distrust less objective types of assessment, which may be prone
    to corruption.

stuff: If you stuff a container or space with something, you fill
it with something or with a quantity of things until it is full
deplore: If you say that you deplore something, you think it is
very wrong or immoral.

  1. 政府本身认为拥有受过良好教育的青少年是有好处的,
    它开始鼓励学校使课程更加生动, 课本更多样化。然而,




1.Good grades=successful life

A lot of Chinese parents do everything for kids such as washing clothes,
making up a bed, even packing the schoolbag so as to save their kids’
time of learning. They think when children graduate from university and
find a good job children will lead happy life since then.

2.Love=give everything they want

It’s often reported that some children threatento kill themselves if
their needs couldn’t be met. It reveals that some parents satisfy their
children’s needs immediately so their children take everything for

3.I do all for the sake of you

Parents tend to make decision for their kids.They help children to
choose school, career and spouse. They believe that children lack
experience and wisdom of making right decisions. When children blame
them they will say that I do all of these just because I love you.

Part2:Israelite methods of teaching

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